Learning How to See: New Workshop for Companies

Hello Everyone!

I have been working very hard to design a creativity workshop specially for company workers in order to help them developing valuable skills as problem-solvers and decision-makers. Through it, you will…

· Generate and develop new ideas.

· Lead brainstorming sessions efficiently.

· Find new solutions for everyday problems.

· Become an innovate thinker.

· Be more present and focused.

· Grow your personal confidence.

· Improve your skills as a team worker.

· Reconnect with your surroundings.

 · Pay better attention to details.

· Release stress.

· Have fun!

If you are interested, please contact me through info@isabelval.com so I can send you all the information. I will also appreciate if you can share it with your contacts!

In case you want to take another kind of workshop with me, please visit my page to see other options.

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Vuelve el Curso de Iniciación a la Fotografía @ Instituto Cervantes Budapest

Tras el éxito de la primera edición, ¡El Instituto Cervantes de Budapest ha vuelto a programar mi curso de Iniciación a la Fotografía!

Al igual que en el curso anterior, nos reuniremos durante 4 sábados por la mañana, empezando el 17 de febrero. Cada clase cubrirá un tema esencial para adentrarse en el mundo de la fotografía y aprenderás a usar tu cámara en modo manual. Además, practicaremos el retrato, el reportaje e incluso la edición de fotografías digital.

Las plazas son muy limitadas para asegurar que podré prestar la atención necesaria a cada uno de los participantes. Es por eso que, si ya tienes claro que quieres participar, no tardes mucho en apuntarte.

Aquí encontrarás toda la información sobre la matrícula y si tienes alguna duda puedes escribirme a info@isabelval.com.

The Neon Budapest Poster + Book is finally here!

During the last months I have been working intensely together with Luca Patkós and Iván Kozák to create a project we had in our minds for very long time, and we are very happy to finally be able to show the result!

This project is about the vintage Budapest’s neon signs, our love for them and the need to preserve their history and imagery before they all disappear from our streets.Read More »

Flying Books for the Workshop “Finissage”

Yesterday, the first edition of the Everyday Creativity & Idea Generation Workshop I have been hosting at Brody Studios reached its end, and we celebrated it with a small photobook exhibition and pogácsa!


Through the whole course ( 4 classes in 5 weeks) these guys have learned to develop a personal artistic project from the beginning to the end,  to find inspiration in their everyday lives and to be active observers of their surroundings. 

What I appreciate the most of this group is its diversity in age, experience and interests. Far from making it difficult,  they complemented each other making every class really rewarding.

Creativity & Idea Generation Workshop – Flying Books! @ Brody Studios from Isabel Val on Vimeo.


They have worked very hard and really pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. Now, I just cannot wait to see their next creative endeavours and to organize a second edition!

If you want to attend or organize one of my workshops, please send me a message to info@isabelval.com!

Nuevo Curso: Iniciación a la Fotografía en el Instituto Cervantes de Budapest

Durante los sábados del mes de noviembre impartiré un nuevo curso en el Instituto Cervantes de Budapest sobre iniciación a la fotografía en castellano.

Durante 4 sesiones, repasaremos los conceptos básicos de fotografía y el vocabulario necesario. Aprenderás a utilizar tu cámara en modo manual, a editar digitalmente tus imágenes y a desarrollar tu técnica y tu creatividad mediante diferentes géneros fotográficos como el reportaje o el retrato.

Sólo tienes que traer tu propia cámara, papel y boli 🙂

Las plazas son muy limitadas, así que escribe a  monika.cserba@cervantes.es para más información y para reservar tu plaza.

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Autumn Burnout and The Ritual

Today I almost burnout (again). It is normal, as I can find many reasons for it: the constant changes of weather and the decrease of sun light hours, the massive amount of time and energy I spend trying to handle different projects at the same time, dealing with clients and burocracy, having the money issue always behind my ear, the news about what is going on in my country. For sure, none of this things helps to get creative and go all crazy about making things. But is it normal? Is this the way it has to be?Read More »

News & Upcoming Events

The sad news is that one of the most beloved neons of the city has been removed: the Báb Színház one, in Andrássy Utca. Because of it, the Hungarian magazine WMN interviewed me about my Lights of Budapest series. The article is just in Hungarian, but you can read it here.

Also, the website artportal has published an article about MyMuseum Gallery (the gallery I’m represented by) and they talked about the space and about Stop the Music!, the currently group exhibition in which I am participating with Vibraciones.

If you haven’t seen the exhibition yet, you can join us next Thursday 6th of October for a Talk & Walk event, where all the artists will be present so you can ask us whatever you want. There will be also a screening of the video I made for Vibraciones among other interesting stuff.

Check the Facebook Event!

Last thing: Saturday is the last day to use the code BLUELINE on my Etsy shop to get a 10% discount in all my books and prints so… hurry up!!

…And a last minute reminder: Next Monday 2nd of October is the starting of my Everyday Creativity & Idea Generation Workshop at Brody Studios! You can register through reception@brodystudios.com

Check the Facebook Event page for further details, and you can always write to me if you have  questions!

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Creativity Workshop @ Brody Studios: Registration is Open!

I’m very happy to start the Autumn opening the registration for the Creativity & Idea Generation Workshop I will be holding at Brody Studios in Budapest.

The main goal of this workshop is to incorporate photography in our everyday lives and to learn to live in a more creative way. We will also learn to find inspiration in our surroundings and to define our style and interests in order to be able to generate a coherent photographic series.Read More »

Exhibition Opening: Stop the Music!

Next Friday I will be exhibited in Mymuseum Gallery together with Márk Martinkó, Ákos Rajnai and Anna Rubi in a new exhibition called Stop the Music!

The project I will show there is Vibraciones, which actually was my first photographic project ever. I was still studying and I had the luck of having Eusebi Vila as a mentor. I told him ” I want to make photos that are generated by music” and he said ” ok, do it”. I don’t know why I said that, as I didn’t have any plan or idea. It just popped into my mind. Weeks of experimentation, trial and error followed.Read More »